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Healing tool shop - FAQ from Gentle Touch Healing
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How do our energy based structures and design work?
They attract and concentrate Prana (healing energies), which are directed through the apex down to the ground. Our energy body - auras, chakras and meridian lines need Prana to maintain our good health. Our products create an enhanced balance area of Pranic energy to help bring your own body into balance.
What does Pranic energy do?
All our energy bodies need Prana, which feds to all parts of our physical body to keep us healthy. If our energy bodies become damaged or blocked, our physical body will become unbalance and we then become ill. Once you are back into balance, the healing process within your body can function correctly.
What is the difference between our 4 and 6 sided mats and Sit-in Pyramids?

Note: The answers to this question are only a guide. Often the mats/sit-in pyramids that you are draw towards is the one that you need. 

A) The 4 sided mat/Sit-in Pyramids tends to:
  • can work more on the physical level - physical related illnesses.
  • work through chakras to auras.
  • allow more space for a treatment couch.

B) The 6 sided mat/Sit-in Pyramids tends to:

  • can work more on the emotional level - emotional/ stress related illnesses.
  • work through auras to chakras.
  • allow more room for healers to stand within (if a healer assists).
  • Both structures can be effective healing tools.

With our Sit-in Pyramids, what is the difference between using the Quartz Crystal points and the Faceted glass sphere?

A) The Crystal Point tend to:

  • work via the chakras through to the auras.

  • breaks up the incoming energy into a soft subtle of flowing energy.


B) The Faceted Glass Sphere tends to:

  • work via the auras through to the chakras.

  • break up the incoming energy into a soft 'snowflake' shower of energy.

With our Sit-in Pyramids, why should we use a Crystal or glass faceted Sphere?
It is not essential to use either, the structure will operate without these items, but is more effective with them. Both items smooth out and manages the energies within the structures.
Q6 How do the Energy Mats work? They create a 3D Pyramid of Pranic energy around you that concentrates healing energies. Within a short time they will fill your room with soft relaxing energies. The balanced design attracts balanced Prana, which can help to balance your own energies.
Will the products heal me?
Although we have had good results, we cannot give any guarantees in respect of healing properties. What works for one person may not work for another.
How often do you need to use the products to obtain maximum benefit?
This will vary from one person to another depending on the nature of the illness and the person's own body to activate the healing process. It is a question of using your own judgement, results and gut feelings.
Why pay for a large Energy Environments rather than the smaller, low cost Energy Mats?
In general, the larger Sit-in Pyramids have stronger energies than the Energy Mats - hence the difference in price. Our hanging pyramid tends to bridge the gap between these products.
Q10 How is the price of our products based? We try and sell our products at affordable prices, so that we can help as many people as possible. It takes a long time and a lot of resources for us to develop new products, this cost is included in our prices.
Once you have received an order and payment, how long will it take to deliver the goods?
Subject to being in stock, normally within 2/3 working days once the payment has been verified. You can pay with Cash, Cheque, Paypal or Debit/Card cards.
Q12 Does our postage prices include the tracking of the order No, our prices do not include the tracking of the order. If you need your order tracked, please contact us for a quotation of the tracking postage. All order are sent our customers risk, if they do not arrive, no refund or replacement order will be sent.
Q13 Can we pay and order items over the telephone No. you can order via our website, with payments via PayPal or debit/credit cards, or send us a cheque in the post payable to Gentle Touch Healing to our Bedfordshire address.


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