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Self help, Self Healing guide to healing - section 9 - Meditation
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Section 9

You may find using meditation techniques may help.

There is a wide range of meditation practices for example:.

Concentration upon:

  • an object, such as a candle flame
  • sound, such as mantras
  • shapes, such as Mandela's
  • the breath - deep and controlled natural breathing rate
Visualisation of a journey:
  • walking in the forest
  • walking by the sea shore
  • swimming with the dolphins
  • flying with the eagles
  • visiting your Spiritual Guides

(audio tapes can assist this process)  

Seeing your problems objectively - All these practices take the mind off the current stresses and worries and allow the physical body to temporary relax easing your physical and emotional problems. Sometimes this process can make you see your problems objectively and help you find the source of your imbalance. If you find it hard to concentrate, don’t give up. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

(A Taoist Meditation Prayer)
 Close your Eyes
and you will see clearly
Cease to Listen
and you will hear truth
Be Silent
and your heart will sing
Seek no Contacts
and you will find union
Be Still
and you will move forward on the tide of spirit
Be Gentle
and you will need no strength
Be Patient
and you will achieve all things
Be Humble
and you will remain entire  

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