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Section 6

Relaxation can be a major tool in self-healing. To help you relax try the following:

Sit quietly - keeping away from any distractions.

Being comfortable - Choose a comfortable chair or place to sit or lie.

Remove your glasses - If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may find it more comfortable to remove them.

Remove your shoes - Take off your shoes or any other clothing that may stop you from relaxing. Loosen buttons or zips.

Close your eyes - It may help to close your eyes to cut out any sensory distractions.

Grounding - If you are sitting on a chair, keep your feet on the ground. If your feet don’t quite reach, put something under your feet so that you make firm contact with the floor.

Sitting Posture - If you are sitting, sit upright, allowing the Energies to flow naturally (this connects earth and heaven). If necessary, use a pillow to support the small of the back.

Lying Posture - If you are lying, keep your body in a straight line, allowing the Energies to flow naturally (connects earth and heaven).

Relax your hands - Relax your hands and place them comfortably on your lap or in a position of your own choosing.

Mental Relaxation - Deep physical relaxation leads onto mental relaxation.

Deep Breathing - Take three or four deep breaths, drawing the air from deep within your stomach. Visualise it coming from the solar plexus (below the rib cage), through the lungs and throat and going into the head.  Then, slowly let the breath out.

Once in a relaxed state, let go of all your stresses and worries.

Silence is Golden

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