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Self help, Self Healing guide to healing - section 18 - Using your Healing Environment?
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Section 18

Using your environment for healing

Ensure that you have a good environment to suit your health needs. 

For example:

Fresh air - ensure that you take in fresh air.  

Fresh Food - eat fresh food, before the natural Energies disperse.  

Pollution - avoid taking in polluted air. Move to a different area if you must.  

Plants - choose plants in your home or work area. They may help your health by providing extra oxygen and moisture in the air. Some plants have been shown to absorb harmful EMF radiation. There are various books detailing these plants. Groosefoot and Spider plant help.

Pictures - choose pictures or paintings that you like, to inspire you.  

Feng Shui - the movement of Energy in your homes or office can improve your life. There are three schools of Feng Shui thought. Consult a specialist to assist you.

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