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Self help, Self Healing guide to healing - section 17 - The Clothes your wear for healing?
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Section 17
The clothes you wear for healing

The clothes you wear can effect your health. 

For example:

Instincts - Try and follow your instincts towards your health and wear what makes you feel comfortable. Natural fibres - cotton, linen, wool and silk – don’t cause as many reactions and allow the Energy to flow around your body in a healthy way.

Jewellery - Can have an effect on your health and Energy levels for example:

Gold - If you have a health problem around the throat, wearing gold may not help. Gold sends Energies away from the body. If you love wearing gold, put on some silver to balance the Energies. You may notice a difference.

Silver or Copper - These metals tend to attract and hold Energies and may help you. For example, copper bracelets are often used for people with rheumatism .

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