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Self help, Self Healing guide to healing - section 16 - Crystals for Healing
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Section 16
Crystals for Healing

Crystals can play an important part in maintaining our health. Each crystal has it own frequency that tunes to various cells of our bodies. Some crystals are best for specific illnesses and others like the clear quartz , can be used for many illnesses. We would advise you to take advice from those who specialise in crystals to find the best ones for you.

General tips:

Buying crystals - Once you know which crystal to buy, choose the ones you feel drawn towards.

Cleaning - Crystals need cleaning from time to time. There are various ways of doing this; one simple way is to leave them outside in the garden for 24 hours. Another is to wash them under running water.  

Programming - If you need healing or you are going to give a crystal to someone who needs healing, hold the crystal in your hand and send your healing thoughts into the crystal before using them or giving them away.

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