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Self help, Self Healing guide to healing - section 15 - How light effects our body
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Section 15
How Light effects our Health

Light has a direct effect on our health. During winter’s long nights, more people suffer from depression than in summer months - known as Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD.

Home/Work - Ensure that you have enough light in your home and work places. If you need to concentrate, use Full spectrum light bulbs ( daylight bulbs) to ensure that you have a clear light source

Natural Light - Ensure that you have natural light where possible and if you use artificial light, then choose the best type of bulb for your health. Fluorescent lighting can affect many people causing tension, headaches, visual disturbance and tiredness. Full spectrum lighting is not available in fluorescent tubing.

Strobe Lights - have a serious effect on health, particularly for epileptics. Avoid them.

Fluorescent Lighting - can affect many people causing tension, headaches, visual disturbances and tiredness. Avoid them too or use natural daylight tubes.

Sun Pipes - a new lighting system which enhances and reflects natural light to provide electric-free lighting for dark spaces in halls, bathrooms, and some public buildings. The tubes insert into ceilings or walls to allow natural sunlight into rooms.

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