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Self help, Self Healing guide to healing - section 14 - Healing with Colour
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Section 14
Healing with Colour

Colour has a profound effect on the health. The colours in the home or work place can affect the body. Each colour has its own vibration, which gives off different Energies.

For example you may find some colours are restful and others are stimulating.

The clothes you wear - If you are depressed , black or dark coloured clothes may not help you. They may darken the colours in your aura s. Clear soft pastel colours can lighten and soften the colours in the auras and make a person feel better and less depressed.

Decor - When you decorate your home or work areas, think of the effect a colour has on you. Choose the colours that you not only like, but also reflect your healing needs.

Chakra's - Colours can unblock chakra's . There are many books on this subject with many differing ideas. As a starting point, choose colours that you are drawn to, with your healing in mind, and visualise that colour passing through the blocked chakra's If in doubt, use white light. This contains a full spectrum of colours.

Visualising - You can visualise colour all around you, either for protection (gold or white light) or for healing (various colours depending on your needs). Just sit quietly of the colour you feel you need, and wrap it around you like a blanket.

Love thyself, as well as thy neighbour

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