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Self help guide to healing - section 1 - What makes us ill??
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Section 1
What makes us ill?

In most cases, illness is due to imbalance. The imbalance may be in the physical body itself, or within the emotional and mental layers of the Energy that surrounds each person.

 For example:

  • Cells in the physical body can acquire a different frequency (become out of balance ) to the other related cells. Those affected cells can   become weakened, making us ill.

  • Stress or negative emotions , if intense or withheld, can block the Energies feeding the organs, making the unbalanced, leading to weakening of organs and glands.

  • Negative thoughts and unbalanced thinking can be part of the cause of illness - mental or physical.

  • Geopathic stress, caused by electro-magnetic fields from our electrical appliances as well the forces of nature, can have an adverse effect on health.

  • Chemicals and pollution in the environment can make us ill.

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