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Self help guide to healing - preface
Welcome - Free Healing + Healing Advice + Holistic Therapies.


The creation of Gentle Touch Healing came about in 1997 after our group of healers experienced increasing demands on their time by people in need.

None of the Gentle Touch Healer members wished to charge money for their skills, so we all had ‘day jobs’. This limited our time for healing, let alone time for our families and other aspects of our lives.

Talking about and encouraging positive changes that people’s life is very much part of a healer’s role. Thus came about the idea for writing this ‘Guide to Self Healing’ with useful tips to assist those in need of healing.

In addition to creating this Guide, I felt that we could do much more. I asked the group of friends that had joined me to form ‘Gentle Touch’ to help to create a range of healing products and services for the benefit of the general public.

All of the group were very sensitive to energy and how it affects us. I felt sure that the wide range of knowledge and skills within the group meant we could achieve our aims.

These are:

  • To provide affordable healing products and services.

  • To raise awareness of natural Energies and how best to use them.

  • To help people in reaching their true potential

  • To encourage self-help and teach self-reliance

  • To provide healing in the form of creative art.

Our first priority was to create a healing environment that would be safe to use for self-healing. We studied a wide range of possibilities and kept being drawn back to a pyramid-shaped environment, leading to experiments with pyramids. After an in-depth period of study and research, we came up with our first Healing Pyramid Environment. Not only is it a safe environment to be in, but the pyramid also channels healing energies.

The next stage was to carry out a series of Case Studies with patients. These all showed positive results. In fact, our biggest problem was trying to get people out of the pyramids so that others could have a turn! After feedback from the Case Studies, the group made various adjustments to the pyramid and finally went into commercial production. Since then, we have expanded our healing products to include Energy Mats and Healing Pyramid Environments (four and six-sided), a Mouse Mat version, and Healing Wands. Other healing products and services are currently in the development stage.

Looking further down the line, we would like to build our own Healing Centre  - a healing tool in its own right. Just walking into the building could help the healing process, let alone the healing that would be offered in the Centre. The land would be selected for its good energies. The light-filled structure will be built on our knowledge of the pyramid and designed for its positive healing energies, including colour and light technology. The gardens would reflect a different kind of colour healing. At the Centre the Gentle Touch healers would be able to offer their services to those in need, without any charge. In addition, other therapist would be invited to use the Centre and expand upon our own range of healing services.

I hope that this Guide to Self Healing will help you in some way.

Finally we send our love.      

Ray Wilson - Founder                                          

Where there's love there's life
Where there's life there's love



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