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If those who are sick can try and help themselves through their illness, it can help to improve their quality of life and their recovery.

Ownership - It is important that we take ownership of this part of our journey and not just hand ourselves over to others to take control. People who take ownership generally have a far better journey.

Ask Questions - We need to ask questions about our illness and recommended treatments before taking each part of the journey. Best to write down the questions to ask before meeting specialists and take someone with you to each meeting. At the meetings ask questions and challenge what they say so that you are clear in your mind all the pro's and con's of the treatments recommended.

The Source - What we need to do is look to see what has been possibly making us ill - the source of the problem, as well as the dealing with the symptoms. Any negative thoughts or emotions could be the feeding the illness. For example, anger, envy, grudges, stubbornness, jealously etc.

Affirmations - Saying affirmations can also help. Louise Hay has various books and CD's that can help you in this area.

Clothes - the colour of the clothes you wear can effect you mood and maybe your health. If you are ill, try and wear pastel colour's, rather than dark or bright colour's.

Diary - keeping a diary can help you analysis how you are doing and what effects you. The diary could include, how you feel that day, your diet, weather conditions and the moon circles. If you can problems with your sugar or blood, then also keep details of sugar levels and blood counts can help.

Diet - Sometimes we need to look at our diet and see if this has any bearing on our illness and make changes to our diet. For those with cancer, you can help to starve the cancer by going onto an alkaline based diet.

Emotional problems - Sometimes we need to look at any emotional problems that could be causing or feeding the illness.

Environment - the environment that you are in also needs looking at. Being close to electric sub stations and mobile aerials could be a factor. Maybe you are sleeping in a poor energy place and your bed needs moving!

Exercise - regular exercise is important - help to keep you body fit and oxidizes your blood.

Meditation - doing some daily meditation can help you relax and can greatly improve your health.

Music - playing calm and relaxing music can also help your health.

Positive thinking - It help to think positively, as it help our general approach to the illness and encourages good energies.

Visualisation - If you visual yourself in the future and being healthy this all helps to create good healing energy.

Please see our Self Help Guide for more ideas and our Information Sheets for special types of illnesses.



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