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Future Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre
Welcome - Free Healing + Healing Advice + Holistic Therapies.

Planned Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre


Over the years we have struggled in finding suitable venues for us to give healing and in 1999 after many years of unsuitable venues came to the conclusion that the only answer is to build our own purpose built Healing Centre.

In the same year we visited The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Surrey, UK and the concept came have our own Healing Centre using our knowledge of Pyramid Shapes so that the buulding itself encouraged the healing process.

After various brain storms and many years of designing a suitable building we came up with our current design, which is based on what is known as a Golden Pyramid, that not only attracts healing energies but also will be in tune with Nature and we hope to help the environment and planet. We list below some of the facilities in the design:

Within Healing Centre

  • 3 x Healing rooms
  • 4 x Healing rooms and also use as
    Therapy rooms (short term hire)
  • 3 x Therapists/Doctors rooms (long term hire)
  • 1 x Doctor's Suite - Doctor's room, Examination area, Nurse's room, Doctor reception
  • Community room (For training and meetings)
  • Shop selling health products
  • Café selling organic meals
  • Crystal cave
  • Spiral staircase
  • Children's area
  • Library
  • Information room
  • Donation room + Wishing Well
  • Quiet room
  • Public Toilets
  • Office
  • Reception
  • Patient waiting areas
  • Staff Toilets
  • Staff changing rooms
  • Storage rooms

Within the Grounds

  • Animal Healing Centre
  • Energy Labyrinth
  • Quiet garden
  • Healing plants garden
  • Herb garden
  • Sensor garden
  • Aura colour garden
  • Picnic areas
  • Woodland areas
  • Fruit/Vegetable plots
  • Paths/walks
  • Car Parks
  • Disabled parking
  • Wheel chair bays
  • Cycle racks
  • Site manager bungalow
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Public Toilets
  • Eco ground heat sensor
  • Solar panelled roof

All within a 11/15 acre site within Mid Bedfordshire UK on a strong Heart Chakra ley line.

Breakdown of Facilities
Pyramid Healing Centre
  • 7 Healing/Therapist Rooms (in Central area) - equipped with treatment couches, chairs, table, wash basins, light dimmers and music/sound controls.
  • 3 Therapist/Doctors rooms (at back area) - equipped with treatment couches, chairs, table, wash basins, light dimmers and music/sound controls.
  • Doctors/nurse Treatment rooms - equipped with treatment couches, chairs, table, wash basins, light dimmers and music/sound controls. Also internal door with sliding blind viewing window.
  • Reception and Waiting area (with mixture of sitting to suit everyone's health needs)
  • Shop (selling range of organic, health products and souvenirs )
  • Café (selling organic/health food/drinks)
  • Kitchen (for preparation of food/drink)
  • Toilets (for public, staff, disabled and baby changing)
  • Children's room (equipped with suitable toys, books and computers)
  • Staff rest room (equipped with relaxing chairs)
  • Library (lending library of books on Health and other suitable interests)
  • Community room (for talks and training - equipped with presentation equipment)
  • Office (for administration of Healing Centre complex)
  • Interview rooms (for talking to patients and staff)
  • Information/Donation room (for information about health services and donations)
  • 'Wishing Well' (for making wishes and giving donations - throw in a coin to make a wish)
  • Reflective area (quiet place for reflection)
  • Spiral staircase to/from basement (to help energies chakra's)
  • Lift to/from basement (for disabled and stores)
  • Copper grounding areas (to ensure those leaving are fully grounded)
  • Crystal cave in basement (to help energise Healing Centre and for education)
  • Staff Changing and locker rooms in basement with showers (for staff use only)
  • Store room in basement (for storage of extra chairs, tables and equipment)
Animal Healing Centre
  • Healing facility for Animals (2nd building outside of main pyramid building)
  • Energy labyrinth that can be walked to energise those who walk it
  • Chakra garden (flowers/plant in colour order to reflect order of chakra's
  • Reflecting garden (garden for quiet reflection)
  • Herb gardens (for selling to public)
  • Organic Fruit/Vegetable gardens (for selling to public)
  • Aromatic Garden (to use for healing)
  • Healing Plant Garden (for selling and education)
Picnic areas
  • Picnic areas (to relax in and have a picnic)
  • Woodland (for quiet contemplation)
Open Space
  • Open spaces (for movement of energy)
  • Covered walk ways in key areas - some floral covered
Outside Benches
  • Benches and seats throughout the outside areas
Outside Toilets
  • Outside Toilet blocks (for when the Healing Centre is closed)
  • Disabled facilities through the Healing Centre Complex
  • Wheelchairs bays making wheelchairs available on site
  • Transportation to collect/return to/from home for those without transport
Car Park
  • Car Park area for visitors and staff
Drop-off area
  • Drop-off/Collect Area for visitors to 'drop-off' and 'collect'
  • CCTV cameras (where appropriate)
  • Security Alarm system
  • Lighting for security purposes
Pyramid Healing Centre
Pyramid Healing Centre
Healing Room

Registered Charity no. 1105985