The Dream

16 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At this time my dream was to see my son of 7 grow up. Cancer came back in my spine three years ago, and now in my liver.
I heard a saying recently that said ‘You either get busy dying or get busy living’. Following the normal ‘down’ period, I decided to get busy living. This takes me to ‘The Dream’.
I had a dream that I wanted to write a song to thank all my family and friends for all the help and support they have given me throughout the years. My first part of the dream was to make a CD. My second part was to sing this song in front of all those family and friends, in a beautiful hall in a posh frock! The last part was to raise money for Gentle Touch Healing who have supported me continuously throughout the last three years.
The need to write a song was overwhelming, and I wrote the words and music to a song called "Thank You". All I had was my voice and I recorded the song onto CD. This was turned into a beautiful version by the team at Smoothgroove Productions.
I hope you enjoy sharing part one of my dream. The rest is yet to come……..  
Liz Farr

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Film Premiere - 9th June 2006

Liz Farr Video

Liz Farr quietly passed away on Saturday 8th July 2006 at her home with her immediate family present. After several setbacks with her back and liver cancer, despite her strong spirit and will to live, her body was not able to cope.
Liz strongly believed in “being busy living” rather than “being busy dying”. Her last four years have been very special to Liz and her husband Clive. I have lost count of all the activities they have both been on and enjoyed. Liz felt that this part of her life was one of her happiest.
Not only did Liz write her song, but was able to sing her song on many special occasions and has been an inspiration to those who have met her. Her son Rob was brave enough to film his mother’s journey and has produced a very special and moving documentary, which recently had its Film Premiere. Liz hopes that the film will inspire others in a similar situation.
I know from working with terminal cancer patients for many years that it’s often far easier to get busy dying than living. But, with those who take the busy living path, their quality of life improves dramatically and they are far better equipped to cope with their illness.
The spirit of Liz Farr and her beliefs will live on for many years to come and we hope will inspire others.
We send our love to Liz.
Ray Wilson
Gentle Touch Healing