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about the healing powers of pyramids?

The BBC invited me to talk on one of their radio programmes to explain the age-old mystery about the healing powers of pyramids? Some years ago I brought together a group of healers who have been working with me to create a new generation of self-healing tools using pyramid shapes. Although we do not confess to know the answer to this mystery, we can suggest some possible solutions from our studies.


Pyramid Design

Structure/Materials – Pyramids can be made of many types of materials e.g. cardboard, copper, stone, and can have a different number of sides e.g. 3, 4, 6. Using good energy conductors, such as copper, seems to help the energy flow. They do not need to have a solid structure - figure 1 shows an example made from glass fibre tubing with copper joints. This design is based on an Octahedron which is made up of two four sided pyramids, one inverted and placed beneath the other. The top section relates to our male aspects and the bottom section to our female aspects.

Healing pyramid 4 sided
figure 1 - Healing Environment
figure 2 - Angle/Position
Angles/Position - Traditionally the upright angle of the large pyramid at Giza in Egypt has been used as a template for pyramids, this angle is around 52º, but from our experiments we found that an angle of 58.55º (42,1º the angle of the corner upright to the ground) is more calming and is good for healing. Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians the position of our planet in relation to the galaxy has changed and this seems to have an important effect on our own energies. 

The position of the pyramid is also an important factor - with a 4 sided pyramid, if one of the pyramid sides should face True North, the energies within the pyramid are much stronger – figure 2. The energies seem to be most effective at about one third of the height within a pyramid.

For example when Mars was recently close to our planet, it seemed to upset many people’s sleep patterns and the effect of the full moon on some people are well documented. 


Pyramid Properties  

Healing Properties – Although no guarantees can be given that a pyramid can heal anyone, it does seem to have helped many people throughout the ages. It is also known to keep food fresh longer, energise water - seems to mummify food/water to keep them fresh. It also can prolong the life of new razor blades - the pyramid seems to remove the fine particulars of water that is left on the blades after shaving to keep them sharper longer. We have also found that ailing plants often to come to life, while cats and dogs love to sit and sleep in pyramids. In ancient times sick people would often sleep overnight in pyramids as part of their healing process.
Why these special powers?  
Dense Pranic Energy – One solution could be due to the pyramid shape attracting and consolidating what is known as pranic energy, into a balanced area of prana. When someone enters the pyramid it constantly tries to keep its own energy field in balance and in doing so, can sometimes help to balance and release blockages in our subtle energy fields (auras and chakra's).
Pranic energy (sometimes known as Chi as used in Tai-Chi) is the universal energy that we all need to maintain our health. Our chakra's (energy centres), which are like spirals, spin clockwise to draw in healthy prana and spin anti-clockwise to exhale damaged prana. The prana is then circulated to all parts of our body to vitalise and maintain good health.
The pyramid also seems to channel energy from its apex to the ground, in a similar manner that healers channel energies through their hands, and it creates a protective space that is also good for meditation and relaxation.

Geometric Pranic Generators – In addition to the pyramid shape, the cone is also known to have similar properties to the pyramid – these shapes are collectively known as Geometric Pranic Generators. In Yoga, each chakra is associated with a shape – for example, the base chakra (at the lower part of our body) is linked with the 4-sided square and relates to the base of a pyramid. The crown chakra (at top of our heads) links with a circle that relates to the base of a cone. The cone has been used throughout the ages for the dunce’s hat to stimulate the brain with pupils who were not too bright – figure 3 – the cone shape seems to enhance the energy going to the brain There is a series of two dimensional shapes and designs that also have similar properties, example shown in figure 4.

Energy Mat
figure 3
figure 4 - Energy Mat
Egg of Life
figure 5 - Egg of Life
figure 6 - Kabbalah
By drawing lines between the centres of various cells in the cluster they create five shapes. Plato described the shapes is his metrological dialogue TIMAEUS. Thereafter they became known as the 'Platonic solids’. These are the Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. As previously mentioned, an Octahedron (figure 7) is made up of two four sided pyramids. Perhaps the pyramid shape heals by helping to repair damaged cell formations and structures?
figure 7 - Octahedron
DNA link – Another solution could be a possible link to our DNA, which I believe measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral, which gives a ratio of 1.6190476. This ratio is very close to the Fibonacci ratio of 1.6180339, which is known as Phi - the numbers 21 and 34 are included in the series of numbers from which the Phi ratio is calculated.
Leonardo Fibonacci lived around 1175 AD, found the Fibonacci Series (1,1,2,3,5,8...) creates an interesting link between NUMBER and GEOMETRY, because the numbers progressively get closer to 0 (phi), which is the fundamental proportion within the Pentagon. He discovered that this series of numbers is widely used within nature – e.g. the number of petal in flowers through to the patterns of shapes formed in butterfly wings. The Phi series of numbers also forms the Phi spiral by rotating each element by 90º.

The design of pyramids and some other buildings is based on “The Golden Mean Rectangle” in which the Phi spiral and ratio relates – (figure 8). This creates a link between Phi and pyramid shape, which may be an important factor to take into account.

The Phi is also be linked to Leonardo De Vinci famous drawing “Proportions of the Human Body” and to the Harmonics used in Music.

Golden Mean Rectangle
figure 8 - Golden Mean Rectangle
Perhaps the pyramid heals by bringing our body into balance and harmony?
Food for thought! Why don’t we design our buildings with good energy and healing in mind, rather than buildings that often breed stress and disharmony?
Figure 9 an artist drawing of futuristic healing centre, which we are working towards, where the building itself can enhance the healing process. A place of peace and tranquility where healers, therapists, doctors and nurses can work together, combining their skills and knowledge for the benefits of those in need of healing.
Ray Wilson – Founder of Gentle Touch Healing
Futuristic Healing Centre
figure 9 - Futuristic Healing Centre

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