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Can designs and shapes Heal?

Healing Today Magazine

Can designs and shapes Heal?

Published August 2003 - Issue no. 93

How do they work? 
Apart from balancing energy and releasing blockages, we are not really sure how they work except to say that all shapes and designs seem to have a related energy. For example, if you put your hands near a picture, you may find your hands tingling. We have had them checked out with Kirlian photography by Rosemary Steel an expert in this science, and she found a balancing effect had taken place while the person was in the healing environment (full results of the test on our web site). I personally feel that perhaps our subtle energy fields relate to a pyramid shape, in the same way that our physical body relates to DNA, and re-balancing our subtle bodies helps to restore our health. Also they may relate to the earth energy lines in some way, as they often form geometric shapes and patterns when viewed on a large scaled map.
Their Usage
Since we developed these shapes and designs the list of the ways they can be used is constantly expanding. All these healing tools seem to create a special energy force that expands to a much larger area and can fill a room or home with pranic energy. They can help to heal people with a wide range of illnesses. Cats and dogs seem to love sitting in or near them and often like to sleep under them. Cut flowers seem to last longer if placed over or near them. One of our group recently left an energy mat in his fish pond and it made the water clear. I believe in Russia they use pyramids to energise water for healing - we are currently experimenting with this concept with our healing tools. We have had a sound specialist use Tibetan bowls in and around the healing environments and this greatly amplified the energy, so that those standing by were pushed backwards – combining them with sound may have other uses. For some year many healers and therapists have used these tools, as they seem to help their patients receive healing more easily (figure 4). We use them all the time ourselves and with our patients, particularly if their energy levels are low.
  "... all shapes and designs seem to have a related energy"
Healing pyramid 4 sided
(figure 4 - used by healers)
Food Yields 
I remember some years ago seeing a programme on the television about a group of monks, I believe somewhere in South America, using large pyramid shapes in their vegetable gardens with some amazing results in respect of increased yield of crops. We do not have the facilities to test out this with our shapes and designs in this way, but would welcome hearing from any organic organisation that has the facilities and would like to work with us to see if we can help increase food yields.
Changing Energies 
Like branches of the NFSH we have been attending various exhibitions up and down the country for some years to promote our products, and give workshops and lectures to share our knowledge. During this time we have noticed a major change in the people who have come to these events. Initially many would be drawn towards the four-sided (base chakra) design and now the six-sided (heart chakra) version is becoming more popular. The general public seem to be evolving and developing their awareness, which is very pleasing to see. Have you noticed that since about October last year (2002) the energies seem to be changing? Many of our group and our patients have had muscle and back problems during this period. Some say that this is due to our subtle energy bodies being changed as part of our evolvement and development. I feel that there are going to be interesting times ahead of us in the next few years. 
Healing Centres
At some time in the future we would like to build healing centres designed on our knowledge of shapes and designs so that the healing centres in their own right become healing tools. We would hope that as soon as visitors walk into these buildings the healing process would start to happen. 

In the meantime, we are continuing with our work and moving into the field of healing with colour, light and sound. We will keep you posted on our progress with future articles and via our web site.

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Testimonial - Grant Buxton 6/12/01

My daughter Annabel is four years old. Over the last two years she has suffered from eczema on her wrists and hands. Constant irritation and scratching meant that her skin was often broken, obviously sore and very red. Despite changing her diet to exclude diary products and the regular application of steroid and moisturizing creams, the eczema didn’t go completely and in fact only fluctuated between “not too bad” and “very angry”.

A chance meeting and conversation with Ray Wilson lead him supplying Annabel with a healing tool (a four-sided energy mat) that he thought might help. I introduced the healing tool to Annabel as a game “square” and Annabel played the game every morning. I’d be the first to admit that without physical remedies such as creams or changes in diet I find it difficult to understand how the healing process works but the results are indeed physical and Annabel’s eczema has completely gone. She has been clear for the last three weeks and so far the eczema has shown no signs of reappearing. Fascinating.                                      



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