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About Gentle Touch Healing Centre in Silsoe, Central Beds, Bedfordshire
Welcome - Free Healing + Healing Advice + Holistic Therapies.
Gentle Touch Healing is a Registered Charity number: 1105985 for England and Wales

Our Objectives

1. Free Healing

1. To give Spiritual Healing Free of Charge to both People and Animals

2. Support Healers

1. To create an organisation that fully supports healers. Support to include volunteer, part time and full time healers - where healers incur no cost to themselves.
2. To create an organisation that maintains very high healing standards.
3. To create an organisation that encourages healers to use their natural healing gifts.

3. Holistic / Integrated Health Approach

1. To bring together healers, therapists, doctors, nurses and other health care workers to work as a time sharing their knowledge and skills to give an holistic / integrated approach to healing and health care. Holistic approach being looking after the whole body – mind, body and spirit.
2. To create a working environment that enhances a holistic / integrated approach to healthcare.

4. Sharing Knowledge

1. To share knowledge keeping people informed about the health options available to them.
2. To freely share Gentle Touch Healing knowledge with others.

5. Self-Help and Healing

1. To encourage Self-Help
2. To encourage Self Healing.

6. Holistic Pyramid Healing Centre

1. To build a purpose built Holistic Pyramid based Healing Centre which will be designed to promote the organisation's objectives.
2. To inspire others to create similar projects.

7. Leave Healing Legacy

1. To leave a good legacy for the future generations of healers with a well organised, structured and funded organisation.

8. Organisation Funded by The Public

1. For the funding of the organisation to be funded by The Public and not be The Healers or Members of the organisation.



Founder Members

Our organisation was founded by Ray Wilson in 1997. Ray was joined by a group of experienced healers and friends, Irene Linstead, Mike Gammons, Robert Willmott, Cathy Pope, Anna Brem who are our Founder Members.

In Memory

Mike Gammons

Mike Gammons

Founder member

9th July 1950 - 21st March 2015




Registered Charity no. 1105985