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Solfeggio Frequencies

Healing Music: Music can be used for healing - one ancient collection of sounds are called: Solfeggio frequencies.

The Solfeggio frequencies are from an ancient musical scale used in ancient music, chants and ceremonies. The Solfeggio tones were believed to enable spiritual blessings, healing and transformation when played or sung in harmony. According to Dr Len Horowitz and Dr Puleo; some genetic biochemists suggest frequency 528Hz is the repair frequency for damaged DNA.

Useful website for Solfeggio Frequencies

Composer ('Touch') - Please find a selection of my music and songs which I hope some of you may find some healing within the music and songs. With each piece of music or song I have tried to capture a specific emotion, beauty or essence of life.

Copyright - You are welcome to use my music for personal use or for community/charities projects free of charge/royalties.
For commercial, publication and all other uses, normal copyright and royalties conditions apply.

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Donations - I hope that you have found some my of music beneficial. Donations to our charity are welcome.

Ray Wilson ('Touch')



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