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Welcome - Free Healing + Healing Advice + Holistic Therapies.

History of Healing: Healing has been practiced for thousands of years in many communities and countries. It is now recognised by many communities and countries, including the UK government, BMA, NICE, NHS and the Charity Commission.

Working with Doctors: For many years healers have been working along side doctors in GP clinics and hospitals as volunteers. Since various NICE/NHS studies have found it beneficial to have healers working along side doctors, the NHS are now starting to employ Healers.

Complementary Therapy: Healing is recognised as a complementary therapy. It involves the transfer of natural energy through the Healer to the recipient.

What is Healing: Spiritual is from the Latin 'spiritus' meaning 'breath of life' and Healing means 'making well'. 'We define Healing as the healing of the sick in body, mind, emotion or spirit by such means as meditation, prayer (whether or not in the presence of the patient) from a distance or the laying-on of hands.

Laying on of Hands:
If the healer feels that it would be beneficial to give healing by the gently laying of their hands, they will ask permission prior to the laying on of hands. If the person for healing is not happy with the laying on of hands, then the healer will work from a distance.
There is no physical manipulation or massage involved.

Energy Body: In addition to our Physical Body we have an Energy Body that relates directly to our physical, emotional and mental state. This Energy body has various elements such as: Chakras, Auras and Meridians.

Healers: Healers have the ability to channel energy through their hands to release blockages within our Energy Body that can encourage the body's self healing process. Healing is a natural, non evasive way of encouraging our own body's healing process.

Spiritual Healing: Sometimes our Energy Body is known as our Spiritual Body, hence why healers are often known as: "Spiritual Healers".

No belief system: There is no belief system attached to our Healing. Our Healing is not Faith Healing. The term 'Faith Healing' implies that the recipient needs to believe in a deity and that that deity is the source of Healing.

Side-effects: There are no known side effects from having healing other than the person may feel very calm and relaxed after the healing.

Healing needs time to work: Healing process is rarely instant, may take a few hours or days before the benefit of the healing is felt. The time taken depends on how quick our body's take to come back into balance after the healing process.

Other Treatments: Healing works well with other holistic treatments and also with conventional medicine.

What does it cost? Our healing is free of charge. Donations are accepted and Gift Aid is welcome.



Scientific Evidence

Over the years many research studies have been carried out and there is now more and more Scientific evidence that Healing can help peoples health. We list below links to various scientific evidence.

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) / NHS (National Health Service)
Various studies carried out by NICE & NHS - Click on Link

The Healing Trust
List a wide range of studies with their references to various published papers - Click on Link

Hospital Audit of 192 Patients - Click on Link

Healing in Hospitals
Healing in a Hospital; Scientific Evidence that Spiritual Healing Improves Health : by Sandy Edwards - ISBN 978-0-9575169-0-8 - Click on Link

Cancer Research UK
Found various health benefits with their studies - Click on Link

Southampton University
Study on breast cancer - Click on Link

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD
Carried out a wide range of studies - Click on Link

ICONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)
List of various Distant Healing studies - Click on Link

CHO (Confederation of Healing Organisations)
meta-analysis of non-contact healing - Click on Link

Article about various studies - Click on Link


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